Piccolo Tomatoes

For one of the largest vegetable production companies in Norway. The company produces open field and greenhouse grown vegetables. The main crops cultivated in the greenhouses are tomatoes (many different varieties), cucumbers and sweet snack peppers and chili pepper. Challange Currently, there is no available solution in the market that can effectively inspect piccolo tomatoes for various attributes such as ripeness, cracks, weight measurement, pruning, and packaging. These tasks are considered too challenging for machines, and therefore, the customer relies on human labor for these operations.

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Viewer discretion is advised! The RoBUTCHER concept enables an autonomous meat factory cell. The main emphasis of the project is research into AI and cognitive systems, which will provide the necessary understanding for the cell to interact with the carcass through physical tasks like cutting, grasping and lifting. Research Work - Meat Factory Cell RoBUTCHER is a project funded by the European Union that aims to replace conventional line production in abattoirs with parallel production in autonomous “meat factory cells” containing robots that can lift, hold, cut, and debone carcasses.

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