Overhang issues with products that are packed and wrapped on a pallet refer to the situation when the products extend beyond the edges of the pallet after they are packed and wrapped. This can lead to stability issues during transportation and storage, as the overhanging products may shift, slide or fall off the pallet, causing damage to the products or the pallet itself. Overhang issues can be caused by incorrect positioning or stacking of the products on the pallet, inadequate wrapping or strapping, or uneven weight distribution. It is important to address overhang issues to ensure safe and secure transportation and storage of the products.

Ocellus Solution

To address the overhang issues with packed and wrapped products on a pallet, we deployed a solution using 4 RealSense™ D455 3D cameras placed around an inspection area. These cameras are used to create a virtual twin of the pallet being inspected, allowing for accurate positioning of the pallet base and checking that its payload is within the boundary.

Ocellus utilizes its object-fence module to set threshold parameters for overhang, pallet dimensions, and pallet base placement. By connecting to the customer’s industrial network using a LabJack™ T4, Ocellus can receive signals when a pallet is in position and ready for inspection, as well as send pallet verdict signals to the PLC.

Finally, Ocellus stores photos of every inspected pallet in its media library, which can be retrieved in case of any customer complaints. Overall, this solution helps to ensure that products are properly packed and wrapped on pallets, reducing the risk of damage and increasing customer satisfaction.