human assisted vision

Waste Management

A waste management company located in Norway. The company’s main focus is to provide efficient and sustainable waste management services to municipalities in the region of Sør-Hedmark. Challange Sorting waste is a crucial aspect of waste management, especially in waste loading areas where bags containing various types of waste need to be sorted out from other types of waste. Workers usually perform this task manually, relying on their ability to identify and separate the colored bags containing waste.

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Waste Sorting

Challenge In waste management, it is crucial to sort out specific green bags containing bio waste from other types of waste in a waste loading area. This task is usually performed manually by workers who need to identify and separate the green bags containing bio waste from other bags. Failure to do so can lead to environmental issues, health hazards, and increased costs of waste management. Solution To overcome this challenge, we installed a 3D color camera above the waste loading area to capture images of the waste bags.

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