Wooden Planks

A Norwegian company that specializes in the production and supply of high-quality sawn timber products. The company operates several sawmills in Norway and produces a wide range of timber products, including structural timber, cladding, decking, and interior paneling.


The customer has a conveyor system in place for planks, but sometimes the planks get stuck and cause a blockage in production. This can go unnoticed by workers for a while, resulting in the need for production to be halted and workers to manually sort out the planks, which can be a time-consuming process if the issue is not detected promptly.


To address this challenge, our vision system offers a solution that involves mounting a surveillance system above the conveyor to monitor it constantly. We have developed an AI model that can detect all planks and track their movement. If any plank gets stuck for a prolonged period, the system triggers an alarm. The alarm can be sent to any worker’s mobile device, along with the latest image of the situation, so that they can take immediate action. Additionally, a red light in the control room is activated to alert workers on site.