Quality Control

Ocellus is a comprehensive solution for supporting quality control in a factory by leveraging sophisticated camera and sensor technology to monitor the production process and detect defects.

Quality Control

Ocellus uses specialized modules to extract relevant features from the captured data, which helps identify defects accurately and with high precision. These features may include color, shape, size, weight, texture, or any other relevant aspect that distinguishes good from defective products.

Once defects have been detected, Ocellus takes corrective actions to address them. This may involve using a robot to sort, pack, or send items for manual handling, depending on the specific needs of the production process.

The benefits of using Ocellus for quality control are:

  • Real-time monitoring of the production process, which means that defects can be detected and corrected immediately, reducing the likelihood of costly rework or product recalls.

  • High precision and accuracy help to minimize false positives, ensuring that only genuine defects are identified and acted upon.

  • Automation through Ocellus can help to reduce labor costs and increase overall efficiency, leading to higher throughput and greater profitability for the factory.

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