About Us

The Story


Byte Motion is a team of professionals representing various nationalities with extensive knowledge and experience in coding dating back to 1992. Our team has progressed in software development, machine learning, vision and AI, and is part of a global network in the tech industry.

We collaborate with Byte Motion’s customers on various projects, sharing our expertise to address challenges across different industries. Since 2019, we have quietly delivered software solutions for several commercial projects to improve production quality and efficiency by creating automated solutions in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Through these pioneering efforts and experiences with customer projects, we have developed the intelligent Vision System, which serves as a digital brain, capable of learning work tasks and performing them in real-life situations, regardless of industry.

In summary, Byte Motion is a dedicated team equipped to tackle industrial challenges by providing intelligent AI that operates 24/7, monitoring, making decisions, and taking action through various industrial devices such as robots, cameras, scanners, and sensors. Our software is capable of detecting and analyzing real-life situations and issuing orders to various devices to achieve automation. Byte Motion brings your devices to life!


Today, the global market offers a multitude of automation solutions requiring investment round 1M- 5M EUR to replace existing infrastructure or to build a new automated factory. But most Industrial companies have already spent lots of investment in their production/manufacturing with a life cycle of at least 5 more years, and want to make sure to have their ROI.

Most companies are still struggling with automation and as a result, they are filling in the gaps with more manual solutions to support the production/manufacturing process. At the same time new regulations from the state or EU requires even further investment from the companies to still be able to provide product or services to the customers without increasing the pricetag.

Our Vision

Instead of exposing workers to repetitive and sometimes injury prone tasks in stressful and dangerous industrial environments, we believe these work environments can be made safer and more enjoyable by introducing our solutions. We believe this also allows workers to focus on more complex and challenging tasks within the company by using existing human labor’s knowledge, creativity, and experience to ensure future quality, quantity, and/or cost efficiency for the company.

Our Purpose

We create a better world by supporting all industries with our knowledge and services to create or develop automated solutions – able to monitor real world 24/7, to analyze, and to take action by using available physical sensors, devices and/or Industrial Robots.

Our Strategy

By providing intelligent software combined with Vision, AI and Machine Learning to the global industrial market, we are able to create sustainable automated solutions to replace the day-to-day manual processes, which opens up for possibility to increase the quality, quantity and/or cost efficiency in the long term.

Our values

  • We Innovate: With long experience from different projects, we have the knowledge and experience to support companies in their challenges to automate their processes. We make difficult challenges simple by using our knowledge within software Vision, Machine Learning, and AI to create sustainable automated solutions.
  • We Challenge: Our mindset is that everything is possible and have the knowledge of how-to.
  • We Solve: With our combined knowledge and experience within the Industrial environment, we have a development team ready to solve challenges in real life. With our competent team, we are ready to take any challenges when comes to software development and solutions.