A leading producer and marketer of nickel, as well as a recycler of nickel-containing materials such as batteries.


The customer is currently using a manual process to inspect and sort nickel pieces on a conveyor belt. Personnel is responsible for identifying and removing any pieces that do not meet the required shape or dimensions, as well as any contaminated pieces and unknown objects. This process is potentially error-prone and may lead to inconsistencies in sorting, especially when dealing with large volumes of nickel pieces or unknown objects.

Ocellus Solution

To address these issues, Ocellus provides a solution that involves installing a linescanner camera on the conveyor belt. This camera inspects each nickel piece as it moves along the belt, checking for correct dimensions and detecting any contamination with oil spills. It is also programmed to identify foreign objects that should not be in the system.

To remove the unwanted nickel pieces that Ocellus identifies, we have implemented a robotic system with a magnetic gripper. This robot quickly and accurately removes the identified pieces from the conveyor belt, preventing them from entering the system. Additionally, we have installed a device that blows air to push any unknown objects off the conveyor belt. If this system is unable to remove the objects successfully, the conveyor belt can be automatically stopped, and an alarm can be sent to alert personnel to investigate the issue.


Nickel pieces detected by Ocellus