Wexobot is partial funded Horizon 2020 innovation project with the mission to improve the sorting process within downstream waste management activities, and more broadly, to improve the recycling rate in the EU. 

The most significant challenge within waste management is placed in the downstream activities, precisely within the sorting process. Waste sorting robots have emerged as disruptive intelligent automated machines. These machines are proficient at multitasking, autonomous, scalable and have integrated learning systems that can function tirelessly 24/7. The challenge is that the sorting robots are expensive because of programming activities, and they are inflexible to implement in the existing plant, required additional investment costs. Also, most of the waste management companies are using NIR technology. Still, there are some weaknesses of this technology regarding recognition of items such as black plastic, glass and rubber. Byte Motion’s beta version of AI for object recognition is capable of recognizing glass bottles, PET and Tetra Pak. Within Horizon 2020, we have expanded this solution to batteries and other materials and shapes:

Robot programming should be simple to be effective and invite as many people as possible into the robots’ ecosystems. The uniqueness of WEXOBOT compared to other robot solutions is that we work externally to the robot controller, not inside as competitors are. WEXOBOT communicates through interface, not through a complete product. We also provide kinematics that can make the robot manually driven. We are offering flexible distance and 3D object measuring solution including laser, radar, 3D sensing, ultrasound and stereoscopic depending on environment and what garbage is to be sorted. We are also unique in the sense that we can reach out globally faster than competitors as we can work with all brands of robots. 

Since we have created the technological base and have found a partner with whom we can test our solution in the so-called, laboratory conditions before the project, most of the engagement through Horizon 2020 was about confirming market conditions, defining forms of collaboration, defining ways of market expansion, further technological development, IPR issues, developing a financial plan and ultimately a business plan.

For any question about the project, contact: Haris Hadzic, Wexobot Project Co-ordinator, +46 76 127 1378