Raising the bar and setting new standards for telerobotics and telepresence.
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Home Environment

On demand services and activities that would require immediate presence through telepresence. Cleaning, cooking or problem fixing.

New Frontiers of Remote control modernisation

Modernisation of existing remote controlling, making it more user friendly. Space, surgery, cranes, industry, etc.

Dangerous Environment

Assistance where humans would be exposed to hazardous situations. Mining, bomb disposal, rescue of victims from fire, toxic atmospheres and hostage situations.

Robot programming

Lead-Through robot programming and database creations with saving signals (commands/operations) sent to robot. Better UX, AI teaching, etc. 


Human interaction through telepresence. Using and controlling robots for games, stand-up comedy, etc.

Robot powers for humans

Providing super strength to people in need for it. Normally for lifting, moving and using heavy objects.

Service Store

A Service Store similar to the App Store, but instead of smartphone apps we would be proving services through robots. 


Situations that would require instant presence, or where quarantine rules are applied. Stroke recovery, feeding, first aid, expert massage, and lifting patients.

For Industries

Teleoperation & Telerobotics in Industrial Internet of Things

Exobot is a SW platform that can enable telepresence and teleoperation with any communication interface machine. Any VR/AR equipment at controlling side can be incorporated into Exobot to provide and continuously improve telepresence. Teleoperation and signal recording with replay functionality enable Lead-Through programming. Lead-Through programming can enable faster and more user friendly automation of the robots. Teleoperation can provide safety for humans in highly automated systems or hazardous environments.

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For Homes

Exobot is SW platform for smart home teleoperation and tele-robotics. Telepresence as important part of smart homes can be improved with Exobot support for telerobotics. Teleoperated robots within our homes can enable various on demand services as well as activities that would require immediate presence through telepresence. This way our home can become our office, someone’s office or place where immediate nursing can be provided. We believe that telepresence will empower future services market for which Exobot can provide SW advantage even today.

Are you an Integrator or Robot manufacturer?

We aim to support as many robots and brands as possible. Exobot should be the tele robotic platform to be bundled with your robots. If it sounds interesting, please drop us an e-mail.

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Inverse Kinematics

Natural control of any robot using any VR equipment, calculating robot joint values for most optimal paths

HD Fish eye 360 camera

360 degrees visual telepresence, see what the robot sees.  (3D camera support is coming soon)

Easy Programming

Record and replay your actions. a.k.a Lead through programming

Rear View

Multiple camera support. The rear view feature, gives you eyes in your back, at all time.

Configurable HUD

Customize your HUD / dashboard to show measurements from any sensor. Weight, temperature, force etc.

Voice Control

Invoke robot sub-programs using voice commands. e.g. “Run program screw”

Do you have your own idea?

Tell us about your idea. What could teleoperations do for you, your company or beloved ones?

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